Shantou Tango Tech. Co., Ltd.

Christmas Products

      Shantou Tango Tech. Co., Ltd. is a professional toys manufacturer integrating product development and production together. Our main products include educational toys, pretend play toys, outdoor toys and related ODM/OEM products. We have more than 10 years' experience in toys industry especially the ODM/OEM products. And we are located in Chenghai, Shantou which is named as "Capital Toys" and we have mature supply chain locally.

      Our company employs more than 100 employees including a R&D team of about 10 experienced engineers. And we have more than 6,000 square meters of production workshop and about 300 square meters of R&D and sales office. Our company has always focused on research,development and innovation. We operate our in-house facilities to word on your ODM/OEM projects. And our engineers are familiar with Pro-E/Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, enabling us to meet your customized requirements. And to ensure the quality, we have experienced QCteam to carry out strict standard of all stages of production including IQC(Incoming Inspection), IPQC(In Process Inspection) and FQC(Final Inspection). And we have been continuously trying to improve product quality and our products have been granted with CE and ASTM certificates.

1. Professional sales team in rich B2B experience with 24hr support;
2. Located in Tenhigh which is awarded as "Capital of Toys" with mature supply chains for toys;
3. Customized service available with product design and project management capabilities. 汕頭タンゴ技術。有限公司プロのおもちゃメーカー統合製品開発と生産一緒に。当社の主力製品は知育玩具、おもちゃを再生するふり、屋外のおもちゃと関連odm/oem製品。私たちは 10 年以上経験おもちゃ業界特にodm/oem製品。と私たちは澄海、汕頭命名である "資本のおもちゃ" と私たちは成熟したサプライチェーンlocally.

当社採用し 100 以上の従業員などのr & dチーム約 10 経験豊富なエンジニア。と私たちは、以上の 6,000 平方メートルの生産工場と約 300 平方メートルr & dと営業所。当社は、常に集束研究、開発と革新。私たちはあなたに仕事をする私たち社内施設操作odm/oemプロジェクト。私たちのエンジニアに精通しているプロ-e/adobeイラストレーター/photoshop、満たすするカスタマイズ要件。を確保するために品質、私たちは経験豊富なqcチームに厳格な実施標準生産のすべての段階の含むiqc (受入検査) 、ipqc (プロセス検査) とfqc (最終検査)。私たちは継続的改善しようと製品品質と当社の製品はceおよびastm付与証明書。

経験豊富な販売チーム、私たちはすでにに輸出米国、ドイツ、日本、イタリアと 20 他の国。の顧客の間で良好な評判と当社の製品。と当社の年間gmvは以上 10 万ドル。私たちは、世界中の顧客のための私達に連絡する将来のビジネス関係と相互の成功!


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